I’d love to share with you the emails and stories of some of my clients who I’ve helped through this program. Their stories are so inspirational and it makes me so proud to see what they have achieved through taking control of their own health and wellness.

“In 2013 I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis PA (an auto immune disease that causes inflammation and deterioration of the tendons in the body) and at the age 40 – I thought I was too young to have such a disease. Dear friends of mine mentioned that maybe my body was waking up and saying “listen to me” and make some changes.

It only took about 5 years for me to create poor health in my body. 5 years of high stress, pressured work, poor diet that came with it, too much alcohol to ease the stress and not to mention, I wasn’t exercising as I neither made time, nor had the energy to exercise, after completing a day of work. I was quietly earning my wealth at the cost of my health. PA was the result of this.

With PA – my rheumatologist’s first program of treatment is through medication – I started on that path from Suplhazurine, Methotrexate and now Arava – have added some heavy duty medication to my body not to mention the amount of anti-inflammatory medication I was taking just to be able to walk and move my hands each day. Life was pretty ordinary, I had no real joy as I was in pain most days and the anti inflammatories were my way of getting through each day. My liver was certainly not taking kindly to this.

The diagnoses made me stop and revaluate and “listen” to my body. I made drastic change – changed my job to one with less money and less stress and surrounded myself with positive people. I started to make some gradual change to my diet and started to exercise again.

The real change came when I met Andrea and started on the path of changing my diet forever. I have reduced my consumption of alcohol to 1 glass of red per week, removed ALL processed food from my diet, cut sugar for GOOD, focused on eating REAL food and food that is alkaline…working to reduce the acidity in the body which in turn reduces the inflammatory response.

It wasn’t hard – every day I felt better, freer in my joints, the weight started to drop from my frame – 20kg in total. It was a bit like a release of all the years of some not-good lifestyle choices. My reliance on anti inflammatories eased and now I can’t remember when I last took anything for pain as I simply DON’T have any. I am also now on minimal medication for the PA and in time would like to completely come off it. I’m making smarter and better food choices which are about respecting my body and taking back my life.

Life is about choices and choosing to eat and live this way has been the BEST choice that I have ever made.

I owe a lot to Andrea for showing me the way. Her love and support has certainly helped me choose better health as No 1.”

– Jeni W 

“Approaching 60 years of age, and with what I assumed was a mummy tummy or middle age spread, I am amazed how the dietary, clean living and exercise advice Andrea provided as part of the challenge, trimmed centimetres off my waist and body and energised me back to a happy, healthy woman with friends commenting on how fresh and good I looked. Thank you Andrea.”

– Helen P

“I am so glad I decided to join the challenge. It has kicked started me in to an exercise routine and healthy clean food choices. And of course thank you for your inspiration, motivation and always a happy infectious smile and outlook”.

– Sandra W

“Hi Andrea, I just saw a good friend I haven’t seen for about 3 months and she couldn’t believe the change in my whole body shape and the tone I have achieved :) Just what I needed to hear at times you forget where you started and how far you have come, It has made me more determined to keep pushing myself harder!”

– Tania

“Hi Andrea, I’ve spent the weekend reading your manual. You should be so proud of the manual you have put together, it’s super informative but not imposing like some healthy eating books can be! I was super impressed to find so much organic health food at my favourite Foodland yesterday (including the cacao nibs!) and spent last night excitedly cooking up a storm from your recipes in the back! I couldn’t help but laugh when I asked one of my friends who’s coming away with me next week if there was anything she didn’t eat… she said ‘greens’. I think she’ll be addicted to green smoothies by Wednesday! Loving the interaction from everyone on the Facebook page… it’s a really supportive environment… I think your challenge is realistic, achievable and relatable for women of all ages, shapes and sizes as evidenced by my ‘cohort’! As I said to you the other night… you really do need to publish girl…it’s too good not to share!”

– Katie T